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Ginger Sangria
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dinner A. August 17, 2017
I haven't made this particular recipe, but for other white sangrias I've made, something light to medium bodied and brightly acidic works best. Vermentino and sauvignon blancs have worked well for me, but these are semi-random based on convenience -- tons of others I'm sure would be at least as good. The additives in the sangria will swamp out subtle flavors so it's fairly forgiving and also not worth putting something expensive in. Aim for something that's pleasant if a bit boring to drink on its own.
Nancy August 17, 2017
Various Rieslings also go well with spices like ginger.
Nancy August 17, 2017
Two of my favorites for drinking & cooking, one from Ontario, one from Germany
Rachel August 16, 2017
That one that tastes good.

Joking aside, for a recipe like that I'd use something like a dry, unoaked chardonnay (personally i am not a huge fan of oaked chardonnay, but you might be, and if so, go for it).

I don't believe that i would pair the flavors in the recipe with a grassier, more acidic flavor profile like a sauvignon blanc. The recipe sounds delicious though.
Plunkett C. August 17, 2017
Thank you. I was hoping for a specific bottle name. I have found in the past it can make all the difference with taste. thank you again for the suggestions.
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