This looks fabulous! Do you add the brandy and triple sec with the peaches, or the peaches only? If the peaches only are added, I will have to thi...

...nk of something to do with all that delicious brandy and triple sec! Thank you

Ginger Sangria
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I just made this recipe last weekend and it will be featured in my column here, Alicia's Seasonal Kitchen, next week! Those boozy peaches were well worth the soaking time, in my humble opinion. A lovely way to cool down for the summer (and get your buzz on!).
nannydeb June 28, 2011
I love this recipe and I've made it a bunch. I've even put it in a food processor and made it into granita once. I'm experimenting right now wtih this recipe by canning the peaches in the ginger syrup (and a little "fruit fresh" by aargersi's suggestion). I'm hoping that in the fall when I don't have any fresh peaches that I can open the jar, add some brandy and triple sec and have delicious sangria. We'll see!
lisa_rodriguez June 27, 2011
Thank you Amanda! I also like the idea of adding some bubble - I was thinking of using sparkling for the wine, maybe one third. The simple syrup is in the fridge, I'll report back on Saturday morning after the bbq!
Amanda H. June 27, 2011
Thanks for catching this -- the brandy mixture is also added to the wine. I just fixed the recipe.
wssmom June 27, 2011
This is an AMAZING recipe! I poured the brandy and the triple sec over the peaches and let them hang out before combining the rest. YUM! The ginger was so subtle, but without it it wouldn't taste the same. I confess to stretching it a bit with some seltzer; the colder the better with this!
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