Active yeast won't foam!

I'm using 1 packet of dry active yeast, some milk heated at 105 degrees, stirring it to dissolve and waiting 10 min but the mixture won't foam! Please help!

  • Posted by: Gabby
  • August 22, 2017


Lindsay-Jean H. August 23, 2017
Another Food52er wrote in and said: "Test the temperature of the liquid. It shouldn't be over 120°F. Also, try dissolving a teaspoon of sugar in the liquid. It will feed the yeast."
Nancy August 23, 2017
Too late to use in yesterday'so bread, however:
Sometimes yeast dies or you get a dud package. Occasionally your water is too hot and you kill it.
This is why many recipes have you proof the make sure it is active ...before you mix (and maybe waste) a batch of dough.
Rule of thumb: Have extra yeast on hand when you start to make bread.
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