can I make this in a muffin pan?



caninechef August 24, 2017
I think the operative words in CV's answer is "spoon out". My take on reading your question was that you where expecting to get muffins out of it and I doubt that is not happening with the amount of moisture in the fruit. The ramekin idea however would make for a more upscale presentation of essentially a classical home cooking type of recipe.
702551 August 23, 2017
I suppose it could work although I'd expect a shorter baking time, something you would have to monitor as it cooks.

That said, it seems like using a muffin pan would be inconvenient for serving since you'd have to spoon out of multiple muffin cups. With a larger baking dish, one would just spoon out the desired serving.

From a preparation perspective, it is more efficient to dump everything into a larger baking dish rather than fuss with individual muffin cups. Of course, the presentation in a larger baking dish is far nicer than a muffin pan.

What I could see is making these in small ramekins for individual servings.
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