Using prosecco for a birthday cake?

I have a bottle of prosecco (more than 3 y.o) & as I'm not familiar w champagne or prosecco... this might be too old to drink? Could I use it to make a special birthday cake? Any suggestions for recipes for cake or icing, or how to sub?
Hoping to make it for a friend's birthday which is on Sept 10th.
Thanks in advance!!

  • Posted by: KR
  • September 4, 2017


KR December 28, 2017
as a follow up to my original question....I chickened out and went a completely different route with the birthday cake... and FINALLY opened the bottle of prosecco with Christmas dinner. And it was lovely!!!! It seemed rather good to my inexperienced taste buds. Yay! (so now I have to get another bottle of Villa Teresa Prosecco--organic, 11%alc--from somewhere!!).... And I would use it for moistening cake, but not for baking... and probably to light in flavor for icing...
Thx! Happy exploring!
Nancy September 4, 2017
Some sparkling wines (not champagne) are noticeably better 3, 6 or 12 months after bottling. At 3 years old, the wine may be less than top quality.
Maybe don't depend on using it, have a spare bottle of wine on hand in case the first one's gone bad.
If it's still tasty (and sweetish), you might use it to replace Sauternes in Alice Waters olive oil cake. The cake will be less sweet than with the Sauternes, but still good.
Or make some other cake.
KR September 5, 2017
Hi Nancy,
I can't find a date on the bottle, so I will open it to check before using it...
Oh! Olive Oil Cake? me thinking! Thx so much!
Nancy September 5, 2017
Should have read "up to 3, 6 or 12 months"...meaning there can be a diminishment of flavor or liveliness in the wine.
Stephanie B. September 4, 2017
There's a pink champagne cake recipe on food52:
It's been in my saved recipes for months but I've never gotten around to it - looks good though, and I think the pink color comes mostly from food coloring so prosecco would probably work great!
Stephanie B. September 4, 2017
I agree with POLC: though: you probably won't get much of the prosecco flavor once it's baked. But it is a pretty cake.
KR September 5, 2017
Hi SB,
Yes, I saw that recipe, too. As I am quite unfamiliar w wine & bubbly, I didn't know if this would be toooo acidic for the cake. Of course, the baking will alter the taste as well...
I might get a carton of ice cream in case it doesn't work out!!
Thx again.
PieceOfLayerCake September 4, 2017
You could use it in place of milk in a white cake and you MIGHT get some of the flavor, but I suggest you just soak a cake with it instead. Icing is a little more tricky because adding too much liquid will thin it out. Sometimes I start with an overly thick buttercream (adding more confectioners' sugar) and then I can use a bit more liquid than normal. Prosecco isn't too intensely flavored, so you may need to use a lot.
KR September 5, 2017
Thx, POLC. Yes, I wondered if the flavour would be baked out... a soaking layer is a great idea, & keeps the cake moist, too.
I planned on making a cream-cheese & butter cream icing for it & wondered if I could use a little in that as well...
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