What can you cook with Angus chili beef other than chili or chili beans?

I purchased the meat and my children hate chil



Lori T. January 3, 2022
Chili beef is just coarsely ground beef. The butcher just didn't put it through a second time with a finer plate. In the current coarse state, it makes for fine casserole beef, as in a beef pot pie, a shepherd's pie, etc. You could use it in a pasta sauce as well. Or if you have a food processor, you can whirl it around with the blade a few pulses to reduce it to a finer grind, and use it like regular burger.
Nancy January 3, 2022
Yes to Lori's comments.
Two other suggested uses - beef tacos or beef vegetable soup.
AntoniaJames January 3, 2022
Or taco salad . . . . cook it with taco spices as if making tacos, then toss it in a salad with tortilla strips or bits of chips, grated cheese, lettuce and a lime vinaigrette.
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