How does Food52 pick popular questions?

This question was asked 10 days ago and has over 1200+ views, 44 comments and questions. No responses from Food 52.
Does anyone miss the contests!?!? ...and find this site rather dull as of late!?!

  • Posted by: SKK
  • September 25, 2017


BerryBaby September 28, 2017
I always thought it was automatic by 'likes', all computer calculated.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 28, 2017
Yes, you're correct BerryBaby, the calculation is based on a combination of points assigned to the number of answers, number of views, and number of votes.
Stephanie B. September 25, 2017
I'm confused about the question. Unless I'm mistaken, anyone can post a question to the hotline, and anyone can answer it. I've posted a few, mostly I've gotten helpful answers, other times not many bites. Are you asking when Food52 admins, rather than regular users, decides to respond to hotline questions?

While there are less contests, there are baking and cooking clubs, which are really interactive. Also it seems like they're trying some new things lately, less contests, more interesting articles. Personally, I'm still getting lots of great recipes to try out, which is the main reason I use Food52. Maybe they read all the comments and are actually finding the discussion useful, or maybe they want to try out different directions. Why shouldn't they do different things with their website? Cut them some slack.
ChefJune September 26, 2017
You are right, Stephanie. It is "their website." Perhaps some of us who have been members of the Food52 community since the beginning (or nearly) are incorrect to miss the camaraderie we had back when we had contests nearly every week, and we were busy thinking up new slants to old recipes to make them fresh . I'm guessing you are fairly new to the site, because it is a fact that it has changed greatly, and - as some of us have expressed - not in a manner that is as inclusive of the community members as it was before.
Stephanie B. September 27, 2017
You're right ChefJune, I am newer to the site. Thanks for your perspective, maybe I don't know what I'm missing!
Lindsay-Jean H. September 25, 2017
Hi SKK, there are a lot of comments on that thread, so you might have missed it, but I did respond at multiple points. The community is the backbone of Food52, and it's helpful to have such thoughtful feedback there for us to review.
702551 September 25, 2017
Please answer SKK's direct inquiry: "How does Food52 pick popular questions?"
SKK September 25, 2017
Have read all of the 44 comments and the responses were not satisfactory in light of the question and the numerous responses. Find your response "the community is the backbone of Food 52 and it's helpful to have....." somewhat dismissive.

Girlfromipanema September 26, 2017
Agree, response comes off as very diplomatic, and not really addressing the question.
Lindsay-Jean H. September 26, 2017
The popular questions are automatically selected based on a combination of points assigned to the number of answers, number of views, and number of votes.

SKK - I'm truly sorry if my comment read as dismissive, I assure you that it wasn't meant to be. We know you're upset, we're upset too, and we're going to work on fixing things, but change takes time! We value all of the helpful feedback on that thread and other recent ones and encourage you all to continue to submit comments. This is how we get our best ideas! We want to continue to make the Hotline a great tool and the site itself a welcoming space for all of our community members.
MMH September 25, 2017
If you can attach that thread, I'd appreciate it. I don't see that question. I'm very curious about that same thing. Thanks
Lindsay-Jean H. September 25, 2017
Hi MMH - you can find the thread here:
SKK September 25, 2017
This is original question
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