substitute for cognac

what can one use instead of cognac in the chocolate mousse cake?

Raina R
  • Posted by: Raina R
  • October 3, 2017


Stephanie B. October 3, 2017
I have used whiskey, bourbon, and cognac as substitutes for each other in various desserts. Maybe my taste is not sensitive enough, but most recipes I've encountered only call for a few tablespoons of the alcohol in question and I can't taste the difference. If you're looking for a non-alcohol substitute, espresso or strong coffee adds even more depth of flavor to chocolate desserts.
Stephanie B. October 3, 2017
Oh and brandy is another one. In my opinion, chocolate and orange go well with a number of brown liquors, so it's pretty forgiving to swap them.
Exbruxelles October 3, 2017
Rum, Brandy, Grand Marnier if you like chocolate/orange.
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