Hi...Will jello (gelatin) turn to jell if poured in holes of a warm cake and then refrigerated?

Orange refrigerator cake recipe calls for gelatin poured in holes of a warm cake and then refrigerated but doesn't say if the gelatin will solidify after that...don't want that...

Lori Renee' Tyiska


Beth October 9, 2017
Lori- If I am making a sheet cake I will use one cup of hot water per package of jello mix.
Lori R. October 8, 2017
Do you use all of the jello pkg to put in a refrigerator cake with holes or just enough for fork holes?
ChefJune October 9, 2017
Lori: You will want to follow the directions for the whole cake to determine how much of the warm jello to pour over.
The jello will not turn into a mold, but will soak into the cake, much like an imbibing liquid.
Lori R. October 8, 2017
Beth October 8, 2017
Nope, it will just make the cake super moist. I use this trick a lot with different variations of cake/jello.
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