I touched raw salmon and then put my finger in the brown sugar bag to spread on the salmon, is this safe?

I was spreading salt and pepper onto my raw salmon and brown sugar. I put my finger that had already touched the raw salmon into the brown sugar bag to scoop out some. Will this containment the sugar in the bag that made contact with my hands and lead to future stomach pains??



Alex M. October 22, 2017
I mean yes, obviously. Sorry. Misremembered the wording of the question.
Alex M. October 22, 2017
No. Don't worry. Sugar is hygroscopic. Bacteria cannot survive without water, so the sugar will be safe to use. That's why Honey is shelf stable. There are honeys that are safe to eat 1000s of years later.
June October 18, 2017
Agree...on removing the touched sugar *if* this happened very recently. I would not stir to distribute because if the top granules were contaminated, the bacteria will probably not be static but will grow. Not a scientist...just my take.
caninechef October 19, 2017
I agree, if you are worried I would remove the top. But since sugar is used to aid preservation and sugar itself is shelf stable -- there are other bacteria reaching your sugar besides those from your fishy finger-- I doubt there is an issue. If you had just touched the faucet would you be worried about the sugar? Probably not but probably a more likely source of contamination.

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Michele October 18, 2017
If it is good quality fresh salmon I am sure you will be fine as salmon is something you can eat raw when it is fresh. However, if you are concerned you could stir the bag / container and distribute the sugar granules, in effect diluting it, so when you use sugar you will only get a few grains. Or you can scoop out some of the sugar and remove what you touched.
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