Can I make and send these through the mail (takes 2 days) or do they need to be refrigerated after baking due to the cream cheese filling?

  • Posted by: Ann
  • October 20, 2017
Boozy Belly Pumpkin Cupcakes
Recipe question for: Boozy Belly Pumpkin Cupcakes


foofaraw October 23, 2017
If it is only 2 days, it might be ok. My aunt sent me fish cakes before, she sent it in styrofoam box with additional insulation, and the fish cake is sent frozen (take out the fish cake from freezer right before packing it). It is a bit cold when I received it ~2 days later, but definitely not going bad at all. You can probably do something similar too with additional ice pack, or aybe try it first at home before sending it - freeze some, put it in styrofoam packing box with additional ice pack, and see how it is 2 days later.
Lindsay-Jean H. October 22, 2017
Yeah, unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend these for shipping. Here are some other ideas for you though:
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