Please elaborate upon this freezing well. Assemble/cook then freeze? How long does it keep in freezer? If assembled, then frozen, could you pro...

...vide oven cooking times/instructions? Thank you

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  • October 25, 2017
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1 Comment

Nancy October 28, 2017
Not this specific recipe, but lasagna in general freezes well for about 2-3 months.
I've done it either cooked (leftovers) or just assembled (plan ahead).
To cook after freezing:
• defrost uncooked casserole overnight in fridge, then bake as instructed in original recipe.
• bake straight from freezer, but it may take approx one hour more than original directions.
• warm already cooked lasagna for less time in same temp oven as original directions.
For all:
• internal temp should read 165F when ready to serve/eat.
• cover with foil near end of baking if top is getting browned but insides are not yet ready.
Hope this helps.
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