country ham

I've soaked the country ham for 29 hours. I then put it in the oven and realized after an hour that I forgot to scrub it. Can/should I take it out now and scrub it, then resume cooking?

matt roberts


AntoniaJames October 26, 2017
I'm seeing that this was not answered yesterday so of course you just did what you did. For others in the same situation who might find this question, I'd say not to worry about the scrubbing unless there is a lot of gunk on the ham. After a long soak like that, most impurities would likely have come off in the water. On the other hand, no harm would come in taking the ham out and scrubbing it for a few minutes -- under cool water if necessary to make it easier to handle -- if you really wanted to, You will have lost both a bit of time and temperature, so expect the time to heat the ham through to be a bit longer. ;o)
ChefJune October 26, 2017
Good answer, AJ! I'm obsessed with country ham from Kite's in Virginia. They send me one that is all ready to heat and serve - no soaking required. I love it!
AntoniaJames October 26, 2017
CJ I grew up in Virginia and to my mind, there is simply nothing like a ham from a peanut-fed hog. Haven't heard of Kite's - will need to investigate! Did you know that quite a few of the traditional VA hams are sold to Chinese markets in the US? VA hams are very similar to a type highly prized in China. You can buy slices at those markets - very convenient if you just want to mince up a walnut-sized piece to put in your scrambled eggs, etc. My mother frequently bought small bottles of minced Smithfield ham in a light vinegar sauce, which we used for that purpose. Wonderful if you don't have or need a whole ham. (My grandmother used to say, "2 people + 1 ham = Eternity.) ;o)
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