I'm looking for advice on washing brussels sprouts!

I got a beautiful stalk from the farmer's market, but they are clearly fresh from the dirt. I've tried rinsing and soaking, but I'm still not confident how clean they are... Any tips or tricks?



Exbruxelles October 31, 2017
I just briefly rinse them, trim the stems and peel off the outside leaves. I have never seen any dirt or grit.
frecklywench November 2, 2017
Thanks for your thoughts, everybody! It's been rainy here, and I think I may have gotten some dirtier-than-usual sprouts, but after peeling off a few more outer leaves than I usually do, the results were delicious as always.
BerryBaby October 30, 2017
I peel the outer leaves off and place in a bowl of water for five or 10 minutes swishing around gently. I found that method on numerous sites and it works really well. Good luck! BB
dinner A. October 30, 2017
Sometimes brussels sprouts get little black spots on them, I think as a reaction to an insect -- these might be what make you think your sprouts are still dirty. The spots aren't harmful and don't alter the flavor in my experience.
frecklywench November 2, 2017
Yes—this was definitely a factor with at least some of mine! Good to know they're harmless.
MMH October 29, 2017
Brussels sprouts grow on a stalk above the ground. We grow them in our garden. They are not full of dirt or grit. They are like very tightly compacted heads of cabbage. A quick rinse in a colander is sufficient. Don't waterlogged your precious produce.
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