I saw some fresh dates in our food co-op yesterday. They're a golden yellow color, and come attached to the stem, similar to the way fresh brussel sprouts can be sold. I'm interested in the fresh dates out, but am not sure where to start. Have you used them? Any tips? Suggestions?



betteirene October 27, 2010
I'd buy them just to eat them out of hand, with a croissant and butter and strong, sweet coffee in the morning or with tea and crackers in the afternoon.

If they're still smooth, a bit firm and have the same golden color the next time you see them, they won't be as sweet as when they're softer, a bit wrinkled and a couple of shades darker, but they're still very good.

I've only heard them called "golden" and "Iraqi" dates and I've only seen them for sale twice in my life.
SuperFineSugar October 27, 2010
Abra, no, they look more like this: http://bit.ly/akSEx5 I love your ideas though. Is it hard to get the pit out when they're fresh? Another friend mentioned slicing them and putting them in a salad. Good idea? Bad idea?
Kitchen B. October 27, 2010
Or make a sticky toffee pudding from them - http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/stickytoffeepudding_83907
Kayb October 27, 2010
And once you stuff them wrap them in thin bacon and roast until it's crispy!
Abra B. October 27, 2010
Do they look like this? http://frenchletters.wordpress.com/2008/01/31/how-about-a-date/ I think fresh dates are the most delicious ever, and you can eat them straight off the branch. You can also stuff them, just remove the pit and stuff with fresh goat cheese or an almond for a savory treat, or a little ball of marzipan for a sweet nibble.
pierino October 27, 2010
Date recipes are more or less interchangeable. But it will be interesting to hear what you think of the flavor. Do you know what variety they are
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