Problem Mildew Bowls

I have these beautiful bowls that havee developed a mildew smell. Had them in the cabinet with other dishes and out of the blue started to emit mildew smell. Have washed and washed again and it won't go away. Ready to give up and pitch them. Any idea why or how to get rid of smell? Had to wash the whole cabinet out and sprinkled with baking soda to get rid of smell. Thank you! BB



foofaraw November 1, 2017
Forgot to add, if 1-2 days is still smelly, I'd do a week under the hot sun (take the bowl inside if it is cloudy/raining)
PHIL October 31, 2017
are they unfinished underneath or worn? Water is getting trapped in the ceramic somehow. I would clean and deodorize then dry in 200+ degree oven for a while to make sure they are 100% dry and to get the water out. once that is done leave them out and see if they are good. If that works I would try some sealer on the bottom. Good luck!
BerryBaby November 1, 2017
Thank you! Yes, they are worn a bit on the bottom. Soaked them again put them on drying mat for hours. After they were thoroughly dry the mat reeked!
Tossing them, thanks, everyone!🌻
Liz D. October 31, 2017
Maybe soak in bleach water, just leave them there for awhile?

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foofaraw October 31, 2017
I'd also leave it in hot sun for a full day or two upside down after the soak. The UV should also help with the killing the mold.
BerryBaby October 31, 2017
Ceramic. Mildew keeps on appearing on the underside no matter how dry they are.
Even after soaking for the last 2 hours they still smell.
I'm thinking it's best to toss the whole set.
nance October 31, 2017
What are the bowls made of? Can you give us a few more details? Are they ceramic, plastic, melamine...?
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