Belgian vs regular waffles , different recipes or interchangeable?

I usually make Aretha Frankstein waffles of insane greatness in a regular waffle maker. Do I need to use a different recipe for Belgian waffle maker?

  • Posted by: Dona
  • November 13, 2017


Dona November 14, 2017
I’ll try that, thanks.
Dona November 14, 2017
The first batch I made the basic waffle recipe from The Food Lab. The first waffle burned badly, the next three were various degrees of not done. I watched a YouTube video from Cuisinart demo-I found this waffle maker and her waffles were under done also. Then I made my regular recipe of Aretha waffles and they were slightly better but not successful. The maker beeps three times when the waffle is ‘done’ but at that point they’re not done so I’ll just need to work with it I guess. It’s a machine that you fill will batter and then flip. And it’s Belgian, not regular. I need to try a recipe for Belgian and most of those have yeast. Not a bad thing just different. I make a triple batch of Aretha waffles every month for my grandkids and they love them! I don’t know how I raised a daughter who doesn’t cook, but that’s another issue!
Nancy November 14, 2017
2 ideas
Yes some Belgian waffles recipes depend on yeast for raising but others juat use eggs.
If you haven't made the basic recipe recommended for the cuisinart waffles maker, the manual is online and has a handful of recipes.
Dona November 14, 2017
Thanks, I make tons of waffles for my daughters family to keep in their freezer. My waffle maker died and I a. Identify bought a cuisinart Belgian waffle maker from America’s Test Kitchen ( on Sale, not returnable) and so far I hate it. I’ve had several disasters and thought maybe I need a different recipe. I’ve made literally thousands of waffles successfully and this is making me nuts.
Lindsay-Jean H. November 14, 2017
Oh no, that's so frustrating! Hopefully it's just a matter of playing around with settings, but here's another tested option for you to try:
HalfPint November 14, 2017
@Dona, what's happening? Is the batter sticking too much? What were the disasters?
Lindsay-Jean H. November 14, 2017
I saw at least one person mention in the comments of that recipe that they made it in a Belgian waffle maker!
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