Chestnut mousse for a cake filling

Ok, so here's the deal: I have leftover sweetened chestnut paste/puree and I'd like to use it for filling in a cake. The cake recipe I'm working with also leaves me with leftover egg whites, but not yolks. Do you guys think I could cobble together a chestnut mousse with whipped egg whites and maybe whipped cream?

All the recipes for chestnut mousse I've seen include egg yolks, and I'm wondering if there's a reason the egg yolks are there, apart from adding a rich flavor.

Stephanie B.


Nancy November 17, 2017
Nice idea to use up the egg whites, but I think not here.
Throw them into a strata; or save in freezer for another use.
Chestnut paste is basically starch...adding the egg yolks give it some fat and a more spreadable texture. Adding in whipped egg whites, basically protein, will add structure and dryness (the opposite of the smooth, spreadable filling you want).
I agree with caninechef's suggestion - make a good, reliable recipe as is. At least the first time. Start ringing the changes after that.
Stephanie B. November 17, 2017
Ah I see, thanks for that explanation Nancy.
ChefJune November 17, 2017
I agree with Nancy. I would freeze those egg whites and use them later for Pignoli Cookies!
caninechef November 17, 2017
I have no opinion of the feasibility or your idea. But assuming the chestnut paste is a pricy ingredients I would follow a recipe I had faith in and gladly incur the cost of a few extra eggs and save the extra whites for something else. A more creative and confident baker might think otherwise.
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