I have a question about 'Spicy Lacto-fermented Pear Chutney' recipe: I've never fermented anything before - what do I do about the lid?

I know it must exclude oxygen but do I not need to vent the jar somehow? I have only standard lids and jars and no way of buying alternatives right now as in the Bulgarian interior. Sincere thanks.

  • Posted by: Sandy
  • November 18, 2017


Joshua S. November 18, 2017
Just burp the jar each day so things don't explode. You'll have some oxygen in there no matter what, but that only impacts the surface--so just plan to skim anything that blooms on the surface. But given that this recipe ferments for only a couple of days, there probably isn't enough time for any bloom anyway.
Sandy November 19, 2017
thank you for taking the time to answer. Great help
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