Brining the Turkey has been vetoed, would soaking in vegtable broth and vegtables work as an alternative

Vegetable broth, onions, celery, carrots, and garlic

Mathew Monier


BerryBaby November 19, 2017
I have never brined our turkey wet or dry. Always juicy and moist.
creamtea November 18, 2017
Depending on the reason for the veto (is someone cutting out salt for medical reasons, for example), if salt is not a problem, I find a dry brine a few days ahead of time makes for a delicious turkey:

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Emmie November 18, 2017
The Food Lab's Kenji tested soaking a turkey in broth:

Basically, he found that it didn't make a difference in flavor, and that soaking in a solution without salt resulted in meat that was drier than meat that hadn't been soaked in anything. So if you can't brine, then I'd suggest not soaking at all. Have you thought about dry brining?
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