Best way to poach a turkey breast?

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Sam1148 November 28, 2011
This would work with a Turkey breast, it's a 'fool proof method' of poaching a chicken.

Fill a large stock pot with water....enough to cover the bird/breast with 2 inches of water. remove the bird.
Season the water with some celery, onion, carrot, salt. Bring to a boil.

Put in the bird....bring back to a boil. Turn OFF the burner and cover and walk away for 1 hour.
The results should be a perfectly cooked through poultry, very moist and not over cooked.

While it sounds like there might be food issue safety concern...I have checked this with a temp probe. You just need to have large pot of water to make a nice thermal mass.

To sum:
Water to cover the bird.
Remove Bird.
Bring water to boil.
Insert bird.
Bring back to boil.
Turn off heat for 1 hour.
bigpan November 28, 2011
Soak and steam in low salt chicken broth.
sdebrango November 28, 2011
I agree I steam chicken breast also, takes the half the time and excellent results!
Niknud November 28, 2011
What sdebrango said! Also, I've been slowly converting to steaming rather than poaching. Putting stock/water/wine and aeromatics in the bottom of the steamer and placing the poultry/veggies in the top compartment. It takes less time than poaching (as I use the simmer an hour, rest an hour when poaching) but retains the delicious moistness that poaching can give.
sdebrango November 28, 2011
I poach chicken all the time, I imagine turkey would be much the same. I would place the turkey breast in a saucepan or pot add enough stock or water just to cover it. Add herbs, e.g sage, thyme, parsley whatever you like and simmer, do not boil until the internal temp of the turkey breast is 170. I let it cool in the cooking liquid so it stays moist. Slice and enjoy.
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