My oven died how to cook my turkey?

Leyla Spradlin


Cassie J. November 29, 2017
Spatchcock that bad boy and put it on the grill!
Nancy November 26, 2017
Braise in a large Dutch oven. Since it's already spatchcocked you could cut it into easily manageable pieces.
The kitchn has a good recipe.
If your pot won't take the whole bird, cook half this way & half another way (pan fried, soup or grilled as cv suggests).
702551 November 25, 2017
Continue it in a gas grill.

Good luck!
Leyla S. November 25, 2017
Thank you. Just worry it might be dry, also have no idea for how long. I already removed the back bone and flatened my turkey.
702551 November 25, 2017
Cook until the breast meat reads 150 degrees on a meat thermometer. The thighs should go to at least 165. Cooking meat to an internal temperature is the best way of getting reliable, repeatable results. Don't go by a clock: cook it until it is done.

If you want to ballpark it, about 1 hour of roasting time per 3 pounds of turkey in a 300 degree oven. Whether or not you can regulate your gas grill to that precision is based on your equipment. I would not count on the thermometer built into your gas grill to provide an accurate reading.
702551 November 25, 2017
Oh, since you spatchcocked your turkey, it'll cook a bit faster than a whole intact bird. Even more important to monitor the cooking with a thermometer, especially on a grill.
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