I am making this Teriyaki Turkey rice bowl and it is asking for grounded turkey but all I have is smoked turkey from leftover Thanksgiving what to do?

All I have is smoked turkey from Thanksgiving. I am asking if I can use smoked instead of ground and what are the key differences

Demetrius Tillman


702551 November 28, 2017
Not knowing the teriyaki turkey recipe, it's hard to say, but likely it asking for raw ground turkey whereas you have smoked cooked turkey.

The most reasonable approach would be to buy ground turkey (it's really cheap) and faithfully follow the recipe at least the first time around.

You can freeze your leftover smoked Thanksgiving turkey for a future project.
Stephanie B. November 28, 2017
Lol! Between our opposing answers I wouldn't be surprised if Demetrius ended up doing take out.
Stephanie B. November 28, 2017
Smoked turkey and teriyaki sounds good to me. In my experience making grain + veggie + protein bowls of any kind (and I've made my fair share), you can play fast and loose with the ingredients. For me that's a big part of their appeal, esp on a weeknight: you can toss in whatever you have that works.

I'm not sure what recipe you have, but I'd guess the biggest difference will in texture between ground turkey and oven roasted turkey, and the smoky taste from your leftovers. I'm going to assume you cook the ground turkey in some sort of teriyaki sauce? If that's the case just warm your leftover turkey in the teriyaki, and since your turkey is already cooked it should be easier to do things to taste. Good luck!
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