White bread baking temperature

A white bread should be baked at 210°C from start to end or it should be baked at 210°C for 10-15 min them reduce temperature to 180°C and bake till golden brown?

I have used this recipe

But given temperature didn't work.. I felt yeasty smell all over the finished product whenever I bake yeast product at 180°C.
Once I baked rolls at 210°C and it smelled so good. But breads and rolls are different.

Manisha Agrawal


HalfPint December 28, 2017
I would check your oven temperature and the yeast that you used (was it instant yeast?). I have a feeling that it is the oven. Read through the reviews for this recipe. One of the reviewers found that raising the temperature over the 350F and then lowering it back down worked better. If you back it at 210C through out, the crust will burn by the end of the baking period. I recommend 10-15 minutes at 210 then lowering the temp down to 180C. You might also want to tent the top of the pan with foil to keep the top from getting too brown. From all accounts, this is a flexible and forgiving recipe. The temperature is lower than other bread recipes because there is a bit more sugar (from the honey and the milk). I would recommend checking the yeast you use. You might be using too much (?).
Manisha A. December 28, 2017
Yes I'm using instant yeast and No I'm not using too much of it.
I use 0.36% of total weight of flour..
I think 210°C for first 15 mins then 180°C till golden brown would work.
I'll try it soon on bread.
Thanks for your reply :)
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