Chocolate chipotle deviled eggs?

Years back, I seem to recall finding--and enjoying--a recipe for chocolate chipotle deviled eggs. Google, alas, has not been very helpful. Does this ring a bell with anyone?



Nancy December 10, 2017
Rings no bells, but you can mix chocolate and chipotle in many dishes and get stellar results (for example, hot chocolate).
So here's a recipe for chocolate devilled eggs (in the dessert range) to which you could add chipotle.
If you want to go savory, look at a recipe for mole and adapt from that.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 10, 2017
Do you think it was named as a mole/chipotle mixed in with the yolks? Try searching with mole. Good luck.
Nancy December 10, 2017
oops! saw your mole suggest after I posted.
I defer to your idea.
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