My gingerbread cookie dough is sticky and pasty and can not be molded

Ok someone please help. I've been sadly attempting to make these for Christmas tomorrow. BUT for some reason, my batter is not turning out like dough, It's just turning out extremely sticky and pasty. I've tried twice. I'm thinking it's how I am measuring the flour. I'm using the spoon and level method. Should I just scoop it from the bag? I did try adding more flour at the end to change the texture but even then there is no way I can pick it up like she did in the video and shape it in a disk. What's funny is, I did the recipe a couple years back and it turned out perfect, I picked up and could play with it like play doh. I'm so confused´╗┐

Nora Sullivan
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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. December 27, 2017
I'm sorry to hear this Nora. If your dough is sticky, as you've already figured out, I suspect it's because you were light on flour. Even if you followed the same spoon and level measuring method when you last made them, the final amount of flour in your cup can still vary by quite a bit. Did you go ahead and bake them? I hope they turned out okay for your Christmas celebrations!
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