How do i make light vegan gnocchi?

I tried making a vegan sweet potato gnocchi - it was so sticky, i ended up adding loads of flour just to keep it from sticking everywhere. I left the dough for a bit before cooking them, but they ended up kind of heavy anyway - how do i avoid this to achieve a gnocchi dish the Italians wouldn't mourn over?

  • Posted by: Lucy
  • August 13, 2014


Julie August 15, 2014
Rather than rolling the dough into logs, try using a pastry bag to pipe the dough into rows onto a floured surface and rolling them lightly in the flour before cutting into gnocchi. This way it's okay if the dough is quite sticky, and you can avoid adding too much flour. I did this the last time I made sweet potato gnocchi and they came out very light and tender.
Jan P. August 14, 2014
When I make gnocchi I use a potato ricer ( it makes a world of difference) and try not to overwork the dough. You can see my recipe here:
Jenny M. August 14, 2014
I grate the potatos for gnossi
HalfPint August 13, 2014
One of the problems with sweet potatoes is that they have a lot of moisture. I can only suggest baking the potatoes to get them as dry as possible and mash it while it's still warm; set aside to let it cool and kind of dry out a little more. Add the flour a little at a time, ~1/4 c, until the dough is soft and slightly sticky. Divide the dough into small workable portions. Then generously flour the work surface and shape the dough into ropes. You won't be working any of this flour into the dough. It's there to help you shape the gnocchi.
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