For NYE : What Spanish-style sides would you pair with Albondigas with Mushrooms?

We're making "fancy" Albondigas with mushrooms for NYE using a new recipe from Food & Wine. What are some Spanish-style sides you would pair with it? Ideally, we're looking for something that doesn't need a ton of attention immediately prior to serving. Make ahead or make same-day is great. We'll have 8 total people.

You all totally came through for me last NYE (we went with braised short ribs), so thank you in advance for all your creative ideas!

Nick Kenny


MMH December 29, 2017
We hosted a Spanish dinner party & served paella prepared table side. We did wanted to worry about simultaneously preparing other dishes. When we were in Madrid every meal began with Spanish tortilla at room temp so we prepared that ahead of the meal. We also served little appetizer plates of marcena almonds, Spanish cheeses, Spanish chorizo, olives, roasted red pepper. We made red & white sangria ahead of time also.
MMH December 29, 2017
I just noticed this on - 7 things you can serve at a tapas party
dryer_fire December 29, 2017
Patatas Bravas would be great, though I've never been able to get those to reheat well - the Romesco Potatoes from Smitten Kitchen are also nice and can be made in advance, then reheated without getting texturally weird like fried potatoes would:

I'd also add a salad (I feel like I've seen a lot of bitter greens + citrus on menus recently) or vegetable and maybe some little tapas-style snacks? olives, cheese, pan con tomate... serious eats has a good Tortilla Espanola recipe that's good at room temp or cold, so could be made in advance, and could also be a good side or snack:
AntoniaJames December 28, 2017
Must it absolutely be Spanish? If not, I always serve Diana Kennedy's albondigas (recipe made with zucchini, no bread, and simmered in a tomato sauce) with her quite delicious Oaxacan stewed white bean - completely hands off and so, so flavorful. Herbs and spices in both are sensational. Technique I've applied to other recipes: when using dried herbs, crush them using mortar and pestle with other spices, even if just black pepper, to release the herbs' aroma. It's much more effective than crushing the herbs in your hands, as is sometimes suggested.

Here are my transcriptions:
Oaxacan White Bean Stew

Both recipes are keepers. ;o)
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