My husband's COPD is bothered by oven temperatures over 375 - how can I adjust temp and time to roast vegetables?

His breathing suffers with anything over 375 and also the slightest bit of grease/Pam/oil/etc that gets on the oven surface inside and then apparently puts out an odor that I don't notice but that is terrible for him. How can I adjust recipes and can I use foil to cover pans when roasting?

  • Posted by: Karen
  • December 30, 2017


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Nancy December 30, 2017
There may be specialist knowledge out there, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.
Other people with COPD must have already encountered (and maybe solved) this problem.
Possible info sources - his physician, hospital or other professional nutritionist, local or national patient and family support groups.
Good luck hunting for useful info!
Stephanie G. December 30, 2017
What about a lower temperature and a long roasting period?
MMH December 30, 2017
Can you do it n the grill outside?
Shannon December 30, 2017
Turn the vent fan on high and the air conditioner on 70. That is what helps me. My air conditioner really helps , not only the cool air but helps filter and move the air and smell out.
andyk December 30, 2017
Have you thought about trying one of the oil-less air fryers?
Karen December 30, 2017
That wouldn't be the same as roasting, though, would it?
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