I have a fatal shellfish allergy and need to find a source of uncontaminated salmon that has not touched any shellfish during processing.

None of the meat dpts. in my grocery stores will attest to their salmon (even the packaged, frozen ones) being uncontaminated by shellfish. Does anyone know of a brand or some way of getting salmon that has been untouched by shellfish during catch and processing? I would love to add it to my diet again but need it to be safe.

  • Posted by: Karen
  • December 30, 2017


Ginger H. December 28, 2019
Contact Sitkasalmonshares.com
309-342-3474 Monday-Friday 9a-5p(CST)
They are a very good company!
Karen January 5, 2019
After a long search I found an uncontaminated source of good quality salmon. I had not realized that shellfish are NOT Kosher, so someone directed me to Kosher-certified salmon. The salmon is not even processed in the same building as shellfish. The company is Vital Choice. They ship all over the world - the packaging is outstanding. They have autoship as well so you can receive monthly at a less expensive price. https://www.vitalchoice.com/
msmely January 6, 2018
You may have better luck with other salmonids like trout where shellfish is less likely to occur. That said, nothing can be truly certified as safe. If we are talking a severe anaphylactic reaction to shellfish, there is no remedy that is better than total avoidance. Personally, I'd make https://food52.com/recipes/51602-smoked-carrot-lox and call it a day.
Karen January 7, 2018
Love the recipe, thanks!!
Karen January 5, 2018
PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! Following your help, I found an online source to order Kosher salmon and I called and spoke to them and they do their salmon in a completely separate facility from the shellfish so that all contamination is avoided. I feel confident this will be the answer. Thank you SO much for bringing up the Kosher certification idea...
sara D. January 14, 2018
They are kosher, but do shellfish processing? Hmm....
Ivy T. January 5, 2019
PLEASE share this company with me! I haven’t eaten salmon since my previous trusted purveyor added shrimp to its menu. I’ve been scouring the internet ever since. Thank you in advance!
Karen October 11, 2019
Nancy January 1, 2018
Seafood is forbidden - both in the processing and eating - by the kosher laws.
Check with the local Jewish community for a seller if kosher fish (free-standing or within another store) to see if they can help you.
Or maybe put you in touch with a non-local source of frozen kosher fish.
Karen January 1, 2018
Very interesting but I'm a little confused. If seafood is forbidden how would there be kosher fish? Sorry to be so ignorant but this is such a good idea you have that I'd like to pursue it and need some background knowledge. Thanks!
BerryBaby January 1, 2018
Seafood, I thought, was shell fish lobster, shrimp, crab, not finned fish. Is that correct, Nancy?
Nancy January 1, 2018
Karen, the fish with fins and scales are permitted; all other sea creatures are forbidden (grouped here as "seafood" however inclusive that term may be elsewhere).
So, yes, BB your conclusions are correct. But the starting point is the permitted class of (regular) fish.
Hope this helps.
Karen January 1, 2018
Read your other reply and now I understand. I have no Jewish community here in my very rural, west Nebraska town so will need to look online for the kosher salmon. Is there a particular label or designation that I need to look for to be sure it is for sure Kosher?
Nancy January 1, 2018
Karen -
1) Overview. The field of kosher certification is a mixture of some mutually recognized expertise & some competition for who is strictest and purest. Aim for national &/or big reliable organizations. On the other hand, with your fatal allergy, you might want the strictest. When you get closer to buying, I suggest you talk or write in detail to human being in charge of processing and/or sourcing the fish to make sure the food will be safe for you. Don't, I beg you, just rely on a label.
2) Biggest and most common certification of national packaged food is by the Orthodox Union (products show symbol U inside an O).
3) Packaged kosher food also carries symbols from bodies (national, regional, countries like Canada & Israel that export to USA). Here are some links for you:
3) Certification for locally produced fresh food (bakery, dairy, meat and fish) is often by local inspectors (specialists in their fields, usually certified by both religious communities and prevaling food regulations ).
4) Start your search in midwest & western cities with large Jewish populations near Nebraska, e.g., LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Houston, St Louis.
5) If you can't find what you want there, search NYC or tri-state area (NY, CT, NJ)...which will have the biggest selection.
6) And I hope you find fish that is both pleasing and safe to eat ;)
Nancy January 1, 2018
Last, referring to SKK comment about salmon eating shrimp, you may need to choose another species to eat.
scruz December 31, 2017
with something that dangerous, i think it would be foolhardy to buy anything except fresh from a fisherman. there is no way that you can be assured with any kind of processed/frozen salmon that there would be zero cross contamination. i'd strike salmon off of my list.
Karen January 6, 2018
Nancy and others: Realize I used to be able to eat the salmon when I lived on the east coast because I got it from seafood places that knew what they were doing in terms of separating the fish from the shellfish, cross contamination, etc. Since moving to a small rural community there is not the demand for good fish nor the knowledge and experience to deal with it in the meat counter of the grocery store. The safety is just not dependable; it is too risky. That has been the problem. So I gave up eating fish after we moved but have really missed it so I decided to try to solve the problem. I am not sure how the eating of shellfish by the salmon makes it a non-issue for me, but apparently it does. I have ordered coho salmon portions and a couple sockeye as well and will report back. They will each be marked as Kosher certified "OU". Thanks so much for all your help and concern.
SKK December 31, 2017
Some adult salmon species eat shrimp. No fishing boat can attest to not have salmon, or any product, cross contaminating. For the sake of your health and peace of mind for yourself and family recommend giving up the idea of eating salmon.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 1, 2018
Yikes! Great point, SKK.
PHIL January 6, 2018
Yes, you're right SKK. salmon's pink color comes from the natural pigments in the shellfish they eat. Farm raised salmon gets it's color from coloring that is put in it's food
Nancy January 6, 2018
So then, Karen, as it seems (from SKK, Chops, Phil) most adult species of adult salmon do eat shrimp, the medical/physiological question for you and your doctor, is do the shellfish allergens so dangerous to you survive their transformation by salmon digestion, or do they become something different and thus safe for you?
Stewart December 30, 2017
You can buy wild salmon that is frozen at sea from a number of Seattle and Alaska retailers. Pike Place Market, for example.
Karen January 1, 2018
Interesting; I will look at those.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 1, 2018
Karen, if you have a fatal allergy aren't you scared to take the slightest chance?
BerryBaby December 30, 2017
I have severe reaction to any alcohol including wine. We have stopped going out because I cannot trust anyone to be 100% that the food does not contain it.
Don’t eat it, don’t buy it, it’s not worth the risk. BB

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sexyLAMBCHOPx December 30, 2017
Fatal? Take salmon out of your life forever unless you catch it yourself.
sexyLAMBCHOPx January 1, 2018
Okay, I'm going to assume that you have a severe reaction (hives, stomach ache, etc.), not FATAL since you're still entertaining your options by searching for salmon that hasn't "been untouched by shellfish during catch and processing".
foodie1958 October 11, 2019
That's a pretty flip response. I also have a "deadly allergy" to shrimp. Had it not been for life saving measures several years ago, that would have perhaps satisfied your need for proof, I would not have survived it. - hives or stomach ache does not equate with a fatal reaction.
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