How do I make Ocean Sauce, from Adolfo's in New Orleans

Just returned from a NOLA trip and had an amazing experience at Adolfo's. The Ocean Sauce can be put on everything, here it's on veal. I looked online for a recipe but doesn't look like it has ever been published anywhere.

My best guess, it's a rue, thickened with cream and has shrimp, crawfish, and crab meat. Would like to replicate this at home in San Francisco, but I'm sure I'm gonna miss a key ingredient or spice.

This is a clear case of wanting to bite into nostalgia, hoping to replicate the taste of Ocean Sauce so well I can hear the jazz music emanating from the Apple Barrel below...

Chris D.
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Lindsay-Jean H. January 4, 2018
Hi Chris, have you tried contacting Adolfo's to ask about it? I've had pretty good luck requesting recipes from restaurants, fingers crossed you do, too!
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