trying to find a cake recipe

I saw an article about a cake, and didn't bookmark it. I thought for sure it was a New York times article, but scouring the archives hasn't gotten me any closer to finding this specific cake. It's a simpler French cake which uses about a cup of good cherry preserves. I am desperate to make this cake.

Oscar Cadeau


creamtea January 10, 2018
Thanks for reminding me of this cake! I've made Gateau Basque from a different source, and it's nice to see different versions of it to try out
Oscar C. January 10, 2018
Thanks so much for all the help! It was indeed Gateau Basque. I was thrown off because the one I was thinking of was crowned by cherry jam, instead of it being inside. Here was the article I was looking at, if anybody is interested.
Nancy January 10, 2018
Maybe search by characteristics of the recipe?
Also, have a look at Basque cherry gateau/cake. The region straddles the French/Spanish bordervans may be what you remember...
Nancy January 10, 2018
"and may be what you remember"
Niknud January 10, 2018
Yah, I think Dorie Greenspan has a recipe for a Basque cake in her Baking book (which I don't have here with me at work). Not sure this helps any....
Greenstuff January 10, 2018
I agree, it sounds like Dorie Greenspan’s take on gateau Basque. Have you maybe listened to NPR?
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