Unique cake mix recipes?

I just got some new baking supplies and I’m so eager to try them out with a fun new recipe. I have a lot of cake mix boxes that I need to get rid of but I’d prefer not to make a basic cake or cake cookies.

  • Posted by: Margs
  • November 18, 2018


Doris November 25, 2018
biscotti with cake mix online recipes abound
Smaug November 18, 2018
There was a cobbler recipe on this site (peach, I believe) that used cake mix with 7up (I think it was 7up) poured over it as a topping. If you have yellow cake (or I suppose others), you could "upside down" it with pineapple or other fruits- pear/ cranberry combinations are popular this time of year. And you can always experiment with frostings and other toppings, adding fruits or nuts before baking, etc. Hoping your new supplies lead you beyond boxed mixes.
Nancy November 19, 2018
Smaug, Margs - those cakes with soda pop are (often) called dump cakes. And people have worked out many combinations of mix & soda to make, for example, Root Beer Float or Creamsicle or other flavors.
Or one with peanut butter
Smaug November 19, 2018
And people wonder why I shy away from internet recipes.
Nancy November 19, 2018
Smaug- ha! You don't care for creamsicle and the like?
Smaug November 19, 2018
Huhsaywhat- are those those orange sherbet bars with vanilla ice cream in the center? Used to love those when I was ten, but they didn't have internets in those days.
Caroline L. November 18, 2018
I found another cake mix “hack” recipe for you! https://food52.com/recipes/76509-honey-almond-coconut-cake
Caroline L. November 18, 2018
Hi Margs! I found this one using boxed mix. Looks yum! https://food52.com/recipes/76043-mami-s-rum-cake-bizcocho-de-ron
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