Hello and happy weekend! I'm curious to know all the ways the Food52 community gets energized and ready for the week and work days ahead.

Do you start your mornings with a quick meditation (if so, which apps do you like?), a brisk walk, or simply a glass of warm water? Dive into the daily news or just stay unplugged for a few hours? Would love to hear about everyone's physical and mental rituals and routines, in the mornings or otherwise. Thank you!

Hana Asbrink


ktr January 22, 2018
Yoga most mornings. I try to be done before the kids wake up. Then a cup of coffee while I read the daily scripture readings. This is a routine I just started recently and I love having some quiet time to myself in the morning. I find I'm much more patient and less rushed when my kids get up if I have some time to myself beforehand.
I also get to my office 30 min early so I can make a cup of coffee and get water boiling for tea which I keep in a thermos in my office for making tea quickly during my work day.
AntoniaJames January 22, 2018
Tall glass of cool water, mug of Numi chocolate puerh tea (I clear out the dish rack while the water is heating) or in the warmer months, a big glass of chilled cold brew, then out to the gym right away for a good workout before going into the office (or, on the weekend, running errands, mostly food related). If i have a very early conference call with Europe, I go to the gym right after the call -- and never schedule back-to-backs on those days, for that reason. Given my line of work -- negotiating -- my adrenaline is pumped up before I log into the meeting, so somehow I naturally have all the energizing I need just from the circumstances. ;o)
AntoniaJames February 8, 2018
I might add one other thing . . . . when I get to the gym, I go into my own "off the grid" world for the entire time I'm there. My phone is off and in the locker. I don't listen to anything while I'm on the elliptical or circuit. Especially when on the elliptical, I just close my eyes, focussing on getting the best workout I can (checking metrics periodically to confirm effort levels conform to intention), but at the same time, letting my mind free associate for the entire hour. Sometimes I solve specific work-related problems; most of the time, I let my creative brain run wild. The result? Breakthrough insights and ideas for various projects I have underway. Sometimes I think about the letter I'm going to hand write to a friend later that day. (Yes, people still do that.) In every case, I leave the gym refreshed and energized. I highly recommend this. ;o)
BerryBaby January 21, 2018
Up at 5 am, have 2 puppies that cannot tell time, pour myself coffee and jazz it up with peppermint and cream, give puppies morning love hugs and discuss the day ahead, they play, I read the news.
After two hours, they go down for a nap, I do deep breathing and jump on the stationery bike, shower, get ready for the day, make bed, take care of Lovebird, make breakfast (most likely Greek yogurt with homemade granola).
Check calendar and I’m on my way to a terrific day! BB
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