What could be the filling of this blubbery tart? Shortcrust pastry was the base, filling looked similar to frangipane but didn't taste like almond.

  • Posted by: Olka
  • June 6, 2019
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Lori T. June 6, 2019
It might be a filling more closely related to that of a clafouti made without the addition of ground nuts. Those usually have a creamier texture somewhat similar to a flan, and are not difficult to make. They are usually not made using a pastry crust, but there isn't any reason why you couldn't do it. Most familiar are the sort made with cherries, but they are made with all sorts of different fruits and berries of all kinds.
Olka June 6, 2019
I was thinking about clafouti, but I just never saw it being used in combination with pastry crust.

I think i have to give it a try ;)
Lori T. June 6, 2019
I have had it that way, in Belgium and in France both. My Belgian neighbor, who taught me to make it, also did it using a basic all butter shortcrust pastry. Roll the pastry thin, so it bakes in the same time the filling with take- or slightly prebake the shell first to ensure that. Hope your version is yummy!
Nancy June 6, 2019
If you know the source if the photo if the host/hostess who served this, ask one of them.
Otherwise, could be some sort of custard, sour cream or cheesecake-type filling.
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