Recently you featured a cake recipe using 3 sticks of butter. What are TBSP. amts. of each stick.Don't know name of recipe or cook.

The recipe is several years old, and is possibly a pound cake, but that's just a guess.



BerryBaby February 1, 2018
There was a Danish Dream Cake featured a couple months ago. It was from 2015, Saveur magazine,
Mina Hollands recipe using 15 tablespoons of butter. Could this be the recipe?
Rich January 29, 2018
1 stick of butter is 8 tablespoons. 8 tablespoons is 1/2 a cup. Hope that helps.

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creamtea January 29, 2018
a stick of butter is 8 Tbsp., or 1/4 lb. American recipes will often specify a stick (or cube) of butter because that is how it is packaged.
susielou January 29, 2018
Do you know the name of the recipe and baker?
BerryBaby January 30, 2018
I agree except there is what is called (at least it is here) butter called ‘chefs’ butter and it is one big piece with no markings on the paper.
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