Can cupcakes last for 5 days in room tempeture? I have 5 day old cupcakes that have not been refrigerated or put in the freezer! Are they still good

I have 5 day old cupcakes but haven't refrigerated them!? Is there a way to save them? They haven't been frosted. They are in the freezer now I put them in 3 hours ago before I put them in they were a bit sticky. They are not frosted yet.

  • Posted by: Kaelyn
  • February 16, 2018


cranberry February 17, 2018
They won't be unsafe to eat, so I'd taste one and see. Don't waste the frosting on them if they don't taste good - it won't rescue them.
Nancy February 17, 2018
If they're ok but not great and you still want to serve them, use in an ice cream parfait and/or moisten with something like a rum-spiked sugar syrup.
Susan February 16, 2018
They’re probably stale. Did you try a bite before freezing?
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