I have a recipe for a sheet cake and I'm wondering if I can use that recipe to make a layered cake



creamtea March 9, 2018
As Nancy noted, you need to check a conversion chart regarding volume. Cake pans are generally filled ~2/3 full. Depending on the size of the pan called for, you should be able to fill at least one, possibly two, 8 or 9 inch round cake pans worth by using the recipe as written. You have several options: use the recipe as written, fill a round cake pan 2/3 or so the way full, and the leftover batter, if it's not enough for a second pan, goes into muffin cups to make cupcakes. Or, multiply the batter x 1-1/2 if the original recipe isn't quite enough to fill two cake pans. Here are some assists that I use: if say a 9x13 is called for, carefully fill with water 2/3 and decant twice into a 9" pan to see if that will "fit" into two cake pans. Here's another chart that may help: http://dish.allrecipes.com/cake-pan-size-conversions/ Happy baking!
Nancy March 9, 2018
Have a look at this conversion chart and see if what they call a rectangular pan matches the sheet pan in your recipe.
If yes, it holds 12c volume. Then find the layer cakes that equal that.
If your pan is not on the chart, figure out the volume (inches or cm length x width x height, then use web to convert cubic in or cubic cm to volume), then find the right pan.
Nancy March 9, 2018
correction - what they call a jelly roll pan (at 1" high, closer to a sheet pan).
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