Double Wall Ovens Recommendation

My 20 year Dacor 30" double ovens bit the dust. I planned to get the 2018 version of what I currently have because I like them and they'll fit, but reading reviews on-line have given me cold feet. Seems the control panel goes out. A lot. Does anyone have any recent experience with Dacor ovens or other recommendations. Many thanks!



BerryBaby March 23, 2018
We had our wall oven replaced last year. New one is a GE and we couldn’t be happier. We had a GE for 25 years and it was time for an update. I called GE customer service, gave them the model number of the old oven and they were able to give me the updated model number that would fit in the space. LOVE the ovens, I honestly think I’m cooking better. BTW, it’s a microwave on top, oven on the bottom. Good luck!
Lindsay-Jean H. March 23, 2018
Hi loves2eat, I'm sorry you haven't received any responses to this yet. I'm commenting to bump it back up to the top in hopes of getting more eyes on it!
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