Vietnamese marinade pork chops

Does anyone have a recipe for Vietnamese marinade pork chop. The ones I found calls for lemongrass and rice vinegar which I don't have. Thank you.

  • Posted by: lena
  • March 21, 2018


scruz March 21, 2018
helen might have one on her you tube channel. she is such an endearing, engaging cook/chef of vietnamese food and is well traveled and schooled and videos are quality productions. you can find her at helen's recipes (type into search line on you tube). i started watching her when she was just a young thing going to college in germany cooking in her student apartment with her herbs and greens in pots on her patio.
HalfPint March 21, 2018
This is close to my mother’s recipe:

Actually it was not exactly a recipe. She would mix a little fish sauce with a few spoons of sugar, a few pinches of black pepper in a mortar with some mashed scallions. Then marinate the pork a few hours. Then pan fry or grill.
Marit G. March 21, 2018
Use white wine vinegar and some lemon zest
Sauertea March 21, 2018
I would recommend this one That being said it does not solve your problem because ti calls for lemon grass and rice vinegar. You might try Andrea Nguyen's website There are a couple of recipes there, but I did not check the ingredient list.
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