I’m about to start cooking this for my Passover Seder. The recipe call for 2 pounds of chicken for 8 servings. Does it really serve 8 with that am...

...ount of chicken

  • Posted by: Adira
  • March 29, 2018


Nancy March 29, 2018
Depends on whether you're starting with whole chicken, or with chicken meat, and what else is on the menu.
If you're starting with deboned chicken meat and/or the menu is large, your guests will have enough to eat.
But if you're starting with whole chicken (including skin, bones and non-edible bits) or this is designed to be a solo main dish, I would start with about 3 to 4 lb of raw whole chicken (whether in one piece or cut in parts) to serve 8.
Worst case, you have leftovers for lunches or snacks.
Happy Passover.
702551 March 29, 2018
It seems reasonable for me, although I'd probably say that my own appetite is on the modest side. The idea of eating a portion of this dish with a half a pound of chicken doesn't sound terribly appealing to me; the dish itself sounds pretty good.

Like all recipes, there's some personal judgment by the individual cook based on the interests of the people who will be eating this.

Only you know the makeup of your group: teenage boys? Professional athletes? Little old ladies?

Of course, it also depends on how many other dishes you will be serving alongside this one. Again, we don't know what else is on your menu.

It might help to pull out a piece of chicken, think about the weight (use a scale or guesstimate from the package label) and visualize whether or not you'd find a two ounce serving to be satisfying.

Best of luck.
Adira March 29, 2018
HalfPint March 29, 2018
2lbs of chicken comes to about 4oz of chicken meat per person. I think that this might be eaten with rice. Sounds reasonable to me. Unless you have big appetites and this is the only course. I have not had this but based on the ingredients (especially the walnuts), sounds like a rather rich stew. So you might not need a large portion of the stew to satisfy the appetite.
Adira March 29, 2018
That’s helpful, thanks!
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