I made this for dinner last night, and unfortunately my husband and I didn't like it at all. It just tasted like pomegranate and walnuts to me, ki...

...nd of lacking the strong savory backbone I expected from the chicken. Now I have a ton of it leftover and really don't want it to go to waste - any ideas on how I could revamp the leftovers into something new and delicious



ChefJune April 4, 2017
I have never made this recipe, but I do love Fesenjan. However I can't imagine it as a sauce for chicken, It would be too aggressive for chicken's mild flavor. I've always had duck fesenjan.
scruz April 3, 2017
i don't have a recipe, but my fav dish to order at a defunct restaurant was the lamb in pomegranate/walnut sauce. it was so good and it seemed to have had some dairy in it too....yogurt or sour cream. there wasn't a huge amount of sauce served with the rice but it was just tremendous. i don't recall it being overly heavy in one taste or another.
Nancy March 27, 2017
You guys may just not like this flavor combo.
If so, go with Liz D advice to separate the leftover chicken and sauce.
If you want to amp up the sauce, consider adding garlic, lemon or orange juice, parsley or fresh coriander, sumac when reheating.
Liz D. March 27, 2017
I would take out the chicken and rinse it off, and use the meat in something else: a casserole, chicken salad, or some other saucy thing like a curry or something where the previous flavors wouldn't be as apparent?...maybe some of the sauce could be added to flavor a pot of grains where the flavor wouldn't be as strong? Or use some of the sauce as part of a salad that uses walnuts in the dressing, like a Georgian kidney bean salad, I think the flavor profiles might be similar?
Danielle April 2, 2017
Thank you for the suggestions! I hadn't thought of rinsing off the chicken. THANKFULLY, though, I discovered that I liked the dish cold, on its own, after it sat overnight in the fridge, so I didn't end up having to do anything else with it. Phew!
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