Can I use a milk, lemon juice or vinegar substituent for the buttermilk in this recipe?

  • Posted by: Nicola
  • April 11, 2018


Smaug April 11, 2018
Not much help this time, but powdered buttermilk is a great thing to have around if you bake a lot.
EmilyC April 11, 2018
Yes, I think an 8-inch square pan should work nicely! Hope it’s a hit! : )
EmilyC April 11, 2018
Hi Nicola: I’m not sure. I hesitate to simply say “go for it!” because there’s a full cup in the cake and it plays such an important role (it makes the batter nice and thick; aids the cake’s rise; and tenderizes). I suspect a buttermilk substitute would technically work, but because it’ll be thinner with a different pH, it’ll affect the viscosity of the batter, and probably the rise, flavor, and texture to some extent. I hope this helps; please report back if you try a buttermilk substitute!
Nicola April 11, 2018
Hi EmilyC,
Thank you for a reply that explains why I may want to consider substituting. I'm thinking of making and sharing either at work or with friends, want to bring my "best" effort.

Another quick question though, what do you think if I halve the recipe and bake in a square brownie pan? Any issues there? Again, thank you.
dinner A. April 11, 2018
I use soy milk + white vinegar (1 T per cup of milk) as a nondairy buttermilk substitute frequently, and it has worked beautifully every time, including recipes with a LOT of buttermilk (like cornbread for example). FWIW the soy milk after clabbering is quite thick; I suspect clabbered cow's milk would be also.
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