The recipe calls for 1 cup of bourbon what amount of bourbon extract would I use to replace the alcohol?

Making for a Kentucky Derby party where there will be children and some adults who do not drink alcohol.

  • Posted by: Pam
  • April 16, 2018


Lindsay-Jean H. April 17, 2018
FYI for those asking what the dish is, I received an email from Pam saying that it's a recipe for mint julep cupcakes.
702551 April 17, 2018
With this piece of critical information, I suggest the original poster replace the missing quantity of bourbon with another liquid, since baked goods are often sensitive to hydration levels.

I suggest using water since that's what bourbon (or any distilled spirit) mostly is anyhow.

Adding another liquid would change the flavor profile, not something one would want to do with mint julep cupcakes.
Smaug April 17, 2018
well- Bourbon is typically 40% alcohol, a bit much to ignore.
Nancy April 16, 2018
Two cautions.
If the liquid volume of the bourbon is also important, replace it with water, fruit juice or broth - depending on recipe.
If you have guests with alcohol addiction or allergy , know that many or most extracts contain alcohol.
702551 April 16, 2018
This might be an inquiry better suited to the product manufacturer.

For example, this bourbon extract:

states that 1 teaspoon of extract provides the equivalent taste as 5 ounces of bourbon. Thus, for your purposes, you'd want to use about 1.5 teaspoons of this particular product for your intended use.

I'm guessing that the strength of these extracts vary a bit between manufacturers which is why you should consider directing your question to the manufacturer of your specific product.

Best of luck.
dinner A. April 16, 2018
What recipe or type of dish are you replacing bourbon in? It's not linked to your question.
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