Non-alcoholic substitute for bourbon

I make a peach cake to which I add a slug of bourbon and top with a bourbon glaze. I need to make this for someone who can't have alcohol, but I'm drawing a blank as to what to use instead. I'm afraid that almond extract in the glaze might be overly almond-extracty. Ideas?



vvvanessa August 13, 2013
I've been meaning to type it up for someone else, so I'll be sure to message it to you when I get it done!
HalfPint August 13, 2013
Would love to have the recipe for this peach cake and bourbon glaze :)
HalfPint August 12, 2013
I would substitute a caramel glaze for the bourbon glaze and use a non-alcoholic-based vanilla extract for the cake itself. Since you are making this for a person who cannot have alcohol, be careful using extracts as flavorings are often extracted with alcohol (ethyl alcohol or ethanol, it's the same thing).
vvvanessa August 12, 2013
Caramel! Duh! That would work really well. Thanks, HalfPint!
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