A question about a recipe: Nugs & Tots

I have a question about the recipe "Nugs & Tots" from Emma Laperruque. Can your beer battered nuggets be frozen

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  • Posted by: lina
  • April 25, 2018
Nugs & Tots
Recipe question for: Nugs & Tots


Emma L. April 25, 2018
Hi Lina—I haven't tried that myself but wouldn't recommend it. Fried food is usually best eaten right away.
Nancy April 26, 2018
Also, you may be thinking of commercial frozen raw battered food, which is prepared under different conditions than homemade food. And often ok.
Neither commercial nor homemade battered fried food freezes well.
702551 April 25, 2018
In my experience, I best enjoy fried food that is freshly fried from fresh ingredients, which includes freshly prepared fry batter. The coating tends to get a more leadened feel once the flour starts absorbing liquid.

Nowhere is this more evident than in tempura from Japan, but I feel that this is witnessed in pretty much all fried foods. Fresh is the best.

That said, day-old fried food might be acceptable for your table and guests.

Your call.

Best of luck.
lina April 26, 2018
Thank you
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