Can I Make a pie today then leave it in the fridge till tomorrow and then cook it as normal?

  • Posted by: john
  • May 6, 2018


Prathima May 7, 2018
You can assemble the entire pie, wrap it well, then freeze it unbaked. You'll want to bake it straight from the freezer to avoid soggy crust, but you will likely have to increase the bake time by about 20%.
Nancy May 6, 2018
If you do that, the crust will be soggy. If you need to prepare some in advance, make and keep separate a bottom crust and the filling. Combine just before you plan to bake, adding then - if ýou like - a top crust.
Susan N. May 6, 2018
You can make the pie dough and roll it out onto the pie pan, then cover and refrigerate. Make the filling and leave separate and refrigerate. On the day you want to bake it, assemble, then bake. I think if you were to assemble completely and refrigerate, the filling would make the pie crust too soggy.
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