If I make a quiche and want to freeze it, should I bake it first, then freeze? Or freeze the pie crust w/ uncooked filling? Which is better?



ChefJune August 11, 2011
I can't begin to count the number of baked quiches I've frozen successfully. And my mother for decades before me. Have at it! Bon Appétit!
boulangere August 10, 2011
Have done it often with great results! Happy quiching!
Smainiac August 10, 2011
Cutting first - brilliant idea!
boulangere August 10, 2011
I agree with smainiac. Bake first. Consider even cutting before freezing. It's much easier to reheat in cut portions than in the entirety. Heat passes through more efficiently, and you have much less risk of over-cooking on the reheat.
Smainiac August 10, 2011
Bake it first! Then all you have to do is defrost & reheat for a delicious meal. My mother was the queen of serving pre-cooked and frozen quiches for dinner when I was growing up. Not sure how well uncooked eggs would fare in the freezer anyway.
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