For the 10” skillet, is that a skillet that measures 10” on bottom or across the top? Since it is a cake, I want to get the right size!



hillarywith2ls May 18, 2018
Nancy and others: thank You for your help!
Jessie S. May 18, 2018
unfortunately, a 12 inch skillet is way too big. you need a 10 inch skillet.
Nancy May 18, 2018
Agree with you.
By volume measurements, 12 inch skillet is more than 1/3 bigger than the 10 inch one.
By experience, it holds a double recipe of 9" pie, no problem.
Nancy May 18, 2018
While the recipe may fit inside a 10" cake pan, making it in that pan will not give you the caramelization and browning that a cast iron skillet would give.
If you don't have a cast iron skillet, do consider buying one.
It's a classic item and you will find many uses for it...baking, frying, roasting, for sweet and savory dishes.
hillarywith2ls May 18, 2018
I have a cast iron skillet - measures 12" on top and 10" on bottom. The author of the recipe answered a question and said 10" cake pan would work. I want to use my skillet but am trying to figure out if the 12" is too large. It measures the same on bottom as the 10" cake pan.
Nancy May 18, 2018
@Hillary with 2 L
If you have both a 10 in cake pan & 12 in skillet, fill the first with water and pour into the second. That will show you approx volume relation.
I estimate the water will fill about 2/3 the skillet...if you bake the original recipe in the bigger skillet, the cake will be wider and shallower.
It will need to bake shorter time, to avoid drying out or burning.
Or make 1 and 1/3 batch of recipe to go in 12 in skillet.
Do you want to go ahead or not?
Your decision & good luck & please tell us your results.
hillarywith2ls May 18, 2018
Yup, I get that. But one person asked if they could use 10”cake pan and the answer was yes. But a 10” cake pan is 10” on top and bottom. If the skillet is 10” on top, it is about 8” on bottom. Which is different from 10” cake pan.
Smaug May 18, 2018
My skillet (a standard issue Lodge) is 9 15/16 at the top, 8 3/4 at the bottom; roughly equivalent to a 9 3'8" straight sided pan.
Jessie S. May 18, 2018
You measure it from the top - and it's a standard cast-iron size, so shouldn't be too hard to find! Good luck and please let me know how it turns out.
Smaug May 18, 2018
Pans are generally measured at the top (inside), but unless your pan's sides have an unusual slope the difference to your cake will be negligible. Pan sizes have been getting funny; a lot of 11 1/2" inch and stuff like that. My AllClad skillets are about 3/16" larger than the nominal sizes, making it difficult to fit lids.
SMSF May 18, 2018
Hey there Smaug - I have several Calphalon stock pots, and the glass (!) lids also fit my various All Clad skillets. If you have stockpot(s), try the lids on your skillets and see if they work!
Smaug May 18, 2018
Thanks, SMSF (pronunciation?)- I use a 10" Calphalon lid and an old 8" Revereware lid on my two pans- they both have a curved outer rim that extends an extra 1/2" or so and curves back in to a piece that (supposedly) fits tightly inside the rim of the pan- they work adequately on the All Clad pans, but they're not what you'd call a close fit aand they rattle around quite a bit. just seems they could have made the pans a normal size, or at least made lids to fit them. I love that Calphalon lid- I almost never use the pan it came with, but I've used it regularly with probably 8-10 other pans.
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