is it suitable to swap just ripe bananas for overripe ones?

hello, I have a LOT of overripe bananas in the freezer and I'm tired of making banana bread. I've never made this before and wanted to make sure. thanks!

Katrina Wilcox


Nancy August 11, 2020
With your abundance of frozen bananas, maybe consider other than cakes.
Smoothies, milkshakes, no-bake cheesecake, etc.
Jessie S. August 10, 2020
Great question. I’d be less worried about the fact that the bananas were not overripe and more worried about the fact that the frozen bananas might release a lot of moisture/water while baking. Sorry I could not be more helpful!
Katrina W. August 10, 2020
ahh, got it. thanks so much for the quick response! will be making it this weekend for friends. :) have a lovely week.
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